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YouTube Live streaming is now made easy and much simpler within camera app

Google refuse to give it all on their YouTube live streaming features which they've being on it for many months just after the announcement of the auto-captions and many other features, they have looking out for different ways to improve and it seems they are getting there.

Recently they pronounce new feature on YouTube "auto video play on home pages" even though this features was tested on Artem working but not yet working properly on Android but in a short while we believe is going to come up as they never rest.

Before it is very hard and cumbersome for any user to start streaming live on a computer without any specific software but today everything is now simple with just a little change , all a user has to do is head over to and hit "Go live" button to start streaming, no additional software need.

For now these feature is only supported by Chrome browser and in a short while all other browser will support as the work is in progress.

Google also wants to make live streaming on phones easier, and so it's working with manufacturers such as Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung to integrate streaming capabilities directly into devices' camera apps using the new YouTube Mobile Live deep link. Google hasn't committed to a hard ETA, but it says that its goal is to bring this feature to devices "in the coming months."

Google keep updating YouTube day by day to make it relevant and friendly, hope you are aware that you can change from Light Theme to Dark Theme, just like you put it in night mode. If you are not aware head on the store and update you YouTube app then you have the feature available.

Source: YouTube Creator blog

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