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Could this be true?, Galaxy S10 is rumoured to be coming soon

Samsung upcoming smartphone is ready to silent others in the market if it come as rumoured. Just immediately after the release of Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung Mobile has started working on another S series (Galaxy S10) even though it has not be fully revealed just being rumoured.

According to the report, Samsung Mobule plan releasing S10 late this year or next week, we've been talking about face unlock feature but this is absolutely different as is going tobe first phones from Samsung to come with 3D face scanner.

Here are the rumoured specs
  • A 3D Face Scanner

Samsung has been criticised for not having a 3D face scanner to compete with Apple iPhone X Face ID unlock feature. Samsung has partnered with 3D camera from Mantis Vision to finally get a 3D face scanner into the new coming Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphone. Moreover, this will enable Samsung compete with the Apple’s Face ID unlock feature.
  • In-screen fingerprint reader and bezel-less

According to Indian Express – the World Intellectual Property Organization, published a Samsung patent filing that describes a new bezel-less smartphone with fingerprint scanner under the display. Let’s just hope they appeared on Galaxy S10 because the smartphone name wasn’t revealed.

  • Samsung will still stick with Qualcomm

Samsung recently announced in February that it had invested $5.6 billion in a new factory to build 7-nanometer chipsets. This will allow for a smaller chip and will also pave way for the company to a variety of design changes with the extra room that will be available in the handset

For now Samsung could not give exact date but they plan releasing in February 2019 if everything work out perfectly else it will be release in March of the same year , 2019. I don't expect anyone to be anticipating for that because the just released Galaxy S9 and S9+ have not been fully enjoyed even some have not seen photo of how it look like. We'll keep updating you for any spotted feature with S10 and will be quickly post here.

Note: Galaxy S10 maybe coming with Galaxy S10+ just like Galaxy S9 and S9+ 

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