Facebook added three new features to Messenger , HD Video , 360-degree photos and Publishers info. - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Facebook added three new features to Messenger , HD Video , 360-degree photos and Publishers info.

Facebook refuse to give it up despite all the scandals and allegation which they battled with throughout last month yet they keep working to give best to their customer, hope you can still remember the recent scandal about Facebook divulging or releasing million of users information to a particular university in USA and because of these many security and privacy agency has keep coming up with different issue but it seems right now everything has gone down.

In a short while new features will keep rolling out even though it has been tested but never give it a conclusion but before the end of this month we should have it working perfectly, some times back Facebook allow the sending of 4k resolution images base on the complain from users that sending 2k resolution images to third party doesn't give the exact resolution when the receiving end download it but the complain have been worked on and has been increase to 4k resolution.

Other two features are HD video sending on messenger and showing publishers information on News Feed, how does that work? when ever a user post a content and it has a link , Facebook fetch the link to know the source and post along with the publishers information and also check if the content have been posted on Facebook before or not and add it to your Feed.

And the interesting one is using 360-degree photo, not like it really capture 360 degree photos for you but you can take them with your phone's stock camera app or a third party one. It's really nice to see all these features coming with latest messenger, can't wait to update and for those that want to enjoy this keep checking on playstore even though it might not roll out to everyone because this is just a test run at the same time they might change their mind to make it available.

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