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Glo Network browsing speed is very poor , here are the simple steps to make it fast

Have you being experiencing slow and sluggish speed while browsing with Glo network? I think most people answer will be yes because Glo network have been poor generally but today you have some few steps to throw-back the story.

Every user is meant to enjoy good network, even though Glo coverage have not been too strong in some location but with this trick you will start enjoying good speed. Just imagine you want to download stuff of about 200MB when will it be completed when the transferring rate is very poor, even to open heavy page is a problem so how will it work on download.

How to fix Glo Sluggish Network 
Here are the steps to follow; hope you are ready to learn
Step 1: Go to settings >> Scroll down a bit to >> More >> cellular Network >> tap on Preferred Network to select network 

Note: If you notice poor very poor network then it will be of good advice to select 2G otherwise you can stick to your original network.

Step 2: Tap on Access Point Names >> Select Glo Flat >> scroll down to the bottom and tap on Bearer

Step 3: Under bearer settings, you are meant to tick four options, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA, HSDPA but if your phone is 4G supported then you can select LTE making five option otherwise limit it to that four option.

If you process is follow properly then you dont have any problem, you can go back to the home screen and test your browser for good speed. This is not magic , it's process tested and confirm to e working properly.

By now you should not have issue about crawling or sluggish network because he above listed stpes take care of that and you are go to enjoy best downloading speed.

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