How to Activate MTN 500MB for just N25 to access internet and download stuffs (Mid-Night Plan) - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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How to Activate MTN 500MB for just N25 to access internet and download stuffs (Mid-Night Plan)

Are you aware that MTN Mid-Night data plan is still working, though it's not new post just making reminder of some of our recent post because it is still working perfectly, this is one of the cheaper MTN plan ever which had been working so many years and up till now, that's really awesome.

If you've sighted some new movies on internet or YouTube and you want to download or watch then you can just opt-in for this plan which you can only start using from the hour of 12am - 4am but a guru said it can extend more than 4am but don't know how true it is, how? Whenever you are browsing and it 4am just don't disconnect keep using until it disconnected but am very sure it wont and with that you can run till 6am and more.

How to subscribe for MTN 500MB for N25

To activate this free MTN Mid-Night browsing, you need to Migrate to MTN Pulse dial *406# after you might have gotten Migration message then you go ahead with the next step

Note: You need to have money on your SIM, at least N25 then send NIGHT to 131.

Your money will be deducted and you receive a message stating that you have subscribed to free night browsing successfully between 12:00am and 4:00am according to the time you subscribed and N25 will be deducted from your account.

If you try on one SIM and it's not going that doesn't mean the code is not working, try another SIM and you'll be surprise. Another thing to note is that, you only have one activation on a SIM per night, why don't you get like two, three SIMs and activate them if you have more things to download or do online. Or you wait till another night.

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