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Russia and Iran has finally succeeded in banning popular Telegram and WhatsApp app

Telegram is one of the popular instant messenger designed with attractive interface which is made available to all countries but it's very surprising when some country doesn't appreciate little effort of others. 

Recently it was reported that Russia has banned WhatsApp that everyone love to have on their smartphone due to it effectiveness and how it has subsidize the rate at which users waste calling credit. 

Not to long to the banned of WhatsApp , Telegram banning flag was also raised just because they refuse to provide user's data to government authorities. Hope we could still remember what Facebook faced recently as regarding security issue!

On the same note Iran has finally banned Telegram, the decision was reported to aim at protecting the national security because Iran has seen massive anti-government protests in the last few months and officials have been on the view that Telegram – the popular messaging service, has been extensively used by organizers of these rallies.

According to what was said by the legal expert that the action was taken to confront use of Telegram for illegal activities and suggested that Iranians should go back to their local app like "Soroush" as an alternative. 

So for now nothing like Telegram popular app in Iran again until further notice imploring every Iranians to go back to their local app maybe later it will be reconsider. 

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