Samsung proposed coming with Bixby on all their products in 2020 - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Samsung proposed coming with Bixby on all their products in 2020

Samsung mobile is now working towards releasing Bixby feature to all it's products starting from 2020. Bixby voice assistance is currently working on some smartphone devices while some does not have the feature. 

Bixby is voice assitance on samsung phone that can help you get some work done on your phone. Hope you can remember siri on iPhone that help you search through your phone whenever you give instruction.

We're currently familiar with Bixby on phones but Samsung has promised going beyond having it on phone saying that starting from 2020 all other products like TVs, refrigerators and washer will start having the feature. 

In order to accomplish this upcoming feature Samsung said it'll partner with AI researcher center competitors and even seek mergers to do so. At the look of thing this features is going to be very interesting, imagine you coming back from work and talk to your air condition "Hi Bixby, I'm home" and you have your air condition, light turn on as well as  their robot vacuums returning to their charging stations. 

And also when going to bed , you just say "Hi Bixby, good night" and you have all appliances turn off including light. Wouldn't it be nice having everything at very ease of it? 

It's a welcome invention hoping to see this soon, at least you get things done at very finger tips, that mean Bixby is becoming errand agent and their wont be any need for you to always push any button either to put on light or TV everything is being programmed to work at very simple command from you.

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