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Twitter emoji feature now available on Android Mobile and Desktop

One of the trending social media network has finally succeeded releasing emoji feature to Android users and it's spotted to be cool even though looking at it properly it doesn't like attractive but they're going somewhere.

Twitter is now ready to make different on their Android app, though they aren't just expected to release it out when we many other apps have been enjoying for long, but at last we have it.

As reported that the new update has better effect for users than the older Android versions that doesn't have new emojis. If you are familair with the old emojis you wont love to use because it lacks newer emoji, some expected emoji don't display properly on versions of Android preceeding Oreo.

Finally, the problem has been solved as they've now replace those emoji that refuse to display with Twemoji which is pretty cool and nice.

According to the latest update released that the update will start rolling out today and it's available both on Twitter's mobile and Desktop even those Android with lower versions are not left out. So you can update your phone to start enjoying numerous Twemoji.

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