You can now activate 9mobile 1.5GB data for just N200 without VPN - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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You can now activate 9mobile 1.5GB data for just N200 without VPN

One of the strong network in Nigeria is here again with another whooping bonus that enable you customer to enjoy cheaper data offer. Recently they allow users to enjoy free unlimited download without a dime but this is totally different.

I hope many people enjoy the unlimited downloading bonus offer with WhatsVPN if no then you need to read the previous post. Let quickly talk about new 9mobile 1.5GB data bundle which you'll activate with just N200, mind you this doesn't need any VPN or trick. 


One of it's advantage is that it works with all internet enabled devices, so hurry to activate with just N200 quite affordable. 

How to activate 1.5GB data for just N200

We have few steps to get this accomplished;

>> You'll need to download 9mobile BlazeOn directly from store or from here alternatively

>> If you have it right on your phone then launch the app , include your 9mobile number and a pin will be sent to you for verification. You're going to complete the registration with the pin sent to you.

>> After it has shown you registration successful then you're good to go, price of the data bundles will be listed out, just tap on N200 plan and this will last for just 1 hour. That's the more reason I said it's good when you have much download or important things to do online.

Note: I said earlier it's not restricted on any device, working perfect with fast speed. With it you can download Games, Movies, files and others. Your normal data subscription pause while while you keep using your new 1.5GB data and resume work after 1hour restriction time. 

If you have some download to do then you can try out this, it's really cool and working perfect with fast speed. 

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