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Samsung Galaxy S10 rumoured to be coming late this year

Samsung hasn't relax a bit working on it next flagship which will be release soon though the day is not specified yet but the commitment has shown that it will be out soon. It was made known in a conversation that it maybe release late this year or next year as they keep working on it to meet up with the pronounced date.

Everyone has the glimpse of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ specs which was recorded to be one of it kinds, recently as well Samsung discussed about working on Galaxy Note9, so currently Samsung has two proposed smartphones at hand to be release soon.

For now there is no specs released on the upcoming S10 flagship but if we're to follow through it previous design trend, S9 and S9+ as an example, it will be coming  with fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, very clear and nice screen display.

Galaxy S10 may likely come with bone conducting technology to replace the earpiece, removing  one forward facing element at the top of the screen.

Samsung is looking at changing all S9 and S9+ features in S10 coming with something different entirely, for now no update about the design or specs so we are looking forward to see more update.

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