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Saudi Government gave 3GB free data Internet package per goal

Football is one of the entertainment that join billions of people together throughout the world irrespective of the age and gender. Currently we all know that world cup is on and the news is all over everywhere. 

Some days ago Nigeria fall on the lucky side by winning Iceland 2-0 and to make it more interesting and celebrating Nigeria Government declare free one minute call to all Nigerians which many people enjoyed. And we thought our government has done very great with the 60seconds free call until Saudi Government kill it with it 3GB free internet data for each goal, amazing right?.

Now, Saudi Governent declared free 3GB internet package for each goal which mean if it's 3 goals in a match then each Arabians have 9GB free internet which valid for 3 days. 

I wonder why Nigeria so called giant of Africa could gave just 60seconds free gift for 2 goals that mean 30seconds for each goal that really not interesting though it didn't occur to many just like myself until now that I realize. 

Well, it's not over until when it's finally over, another match is coming forth, we're hoping to get more from our Government.

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