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Some Tips to keep your smartphone safe, last and increase performance

Your smartphone is one of your personal property to be taking care of properly and carefully, though in some occasion what happen to our smartphone maybe unavoidable while some are avoidable but the common ones are caused by our careless act which always result to paying extra fee for technician or total damage to your phone.

Today, I will to correct some wrong notion about our smartphone and also to provide you tips to get your phone last longer than expected, and you wont have any cause going to technicians to fix or repair your phone. 

Smartphones Tips

Avoid oil or liquid spilling: Liquid and smartphone are not a good friend, smartphones are build up of million chips and should not be touched by water or any liquid solution. 

If you have oil or liquid spillage depending how plenty the spillage, if the spillage happen right before you quickly remove the battery and if it's nondetachable switch it off immediately to avoid the water sinking into the chips, loose and service then dry or take it to any nearest technician shop to service for you if you're not expert at doing it to avoid total damage. 

The same thing applicable when your're drenched by rain or your phone fall off inside water. But if you're sure that the liquid hasnt enter into the panel probably still on the surface then you can wipe with dry cloth and start using. 

Avoid knocking down or falling off : Many people are victim of this if not all, no one is 100% perfect anyway but the fact is your phone is not meant to be knocking down every time. 

As I said earlier Internal part of the smartphone is very delicate depending on gravity or height it fall from. If the damage caused is external then you are lucky which can easily be fixed, don't get it wrong internal damage can be fixed as well but it take an expert to figure that out otherwise you have your phone dead.  

Reboot Regularly: Rebooting your phone regularly has to do with software part, I'm not saying leaving your phone 24/7 is bad but rebooting or putting off once in a while will help ensure that caches are cleared and that everything is running smoothly.

Remove dormant apps: This is very simple and straight, if you notice some unused app on your phone the best is to remove or delete. Good enough Android 7 has the feature that help you monitor your app whenever a particular app is relaxing to much on your phone it get disabled when you're ready to use then you can be enabled.

Storage Space: Removing dormant or unused app is one of the ways to free up storage space, but I will like to add some few point here, not only app that filled up your storage even the portion it take is very minimal so we should get that straight. 

However we shouldnt fill up our storage with junks, some people occupy their storage with unused video, songs , heavy files etc which can reduce the output performance even with your good RAM speed. 

In other word all video , songs and heavy files should be move to SD Card and even more safer and recoverable.

Plugging your overnight: Plugging your phone overnight is an issue, severally have corrected that, smartphone are perfectly designed that whenever it get fully charge it stop and the charging  hibernate so it doesn't affect your phone.

First instance, when you are hungry you get food and start eating whenever you are satisfied and filled up , nothing enters again just the same thing apply to your phone. 

But in some less developed countries with poor power supply then it maybe inadvisable plugging your phone overnight to avoid power surge or thunder strike.

Install malware: Well, this might not be necessary as many take it but if you have strong malware then install. However the best is to be careful of what you download and source where you download because some culprit intentionally develop virus to damage operating system.

No the site you log in, always be vigilant when your phone pop up notification like your download is from unknown source, you can allow if you are sure of the source other wise discard to safe yourself.

Don't forge the best you can do for yourself is to be security concious and take care of your properties very well, knowing fully that your smartphone is one of your privacy property to be kept safe and taking careof properly. 

More tips on how to manage your phone will be coming soon, stay connected.

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