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Latest Telegram X update comes with a lot of new features

Telegram is one of the popular instant messenger app designed with numerous features just like WhatsApp, it has similar functions and features with WhatsApp, it allow you to make call to other users both video and voice call, send documents and files which I believe we all know it's embedded in WhatsApp.

Recently ordinary Telegram faded away coming in another naming code with X , that is Telegram X which is said to have different and more features than the ordinary Telegram we use to know, some days ago it receive another update for July with more added features.

Let quickly highlight some of the features you may likely meet in the new update, you're now allow lock secret chats( chat that you dont want third party to read or see) a whole GIF playback system, vioce message play through phone's earpiece.

Emphasizing on the features though not everybody will get this at the same time but with time it roll out to everyone. Now you can private chat and lock with passcode restricting third party from reading through your chat and whenever you lock it hide from the list and visible when unlock.

Also you GIF can now play perfectly without any issue , remember playing video clip navigated to browser or any other player if you have try that before but ow it play right within the app, most interesting is that you can now pause, rewind and restart anything you play. In addition fullscreen play is enabled with high quality so no more compression.

Furthermore, you can now play voice message record directly on your phone earpiece as receieved from other end.

However, all this feature comes with latest Telegram X and more unrevealed features may likely come with it for the benefit of the users. 

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