Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the same pen with Galaxy Note 8 [Leaked Image] - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the same pen with Galaxy Note 8 [Leaked Image]

Samsung has brought about confusion to many users as regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. It was once said that it has identical look with Galaxy Note 8 which many people have reacted to that negatively given different comment why Samsung decided to design Note 9 having similar look as Note 8.
That ins't enough Samsung go ahead coming forth with the similar pen with Note 8. The leaked image shows that the body of the S Pen is gold but the top’s color is matched with the frame.

The Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is expected to feature Bluetooth support. This will enable the stylus to offer features that users have never expected from the S Pen before. It will be able to double as a remote for music and video playback, a trigger for selfies and might even have some gaming functionality.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will be unveil on August 9 as earlier mentioned and for now nothing have change about the date which have been confirmed by Samsung. Currently we could not decide on the price but likely to be at the range of $900 to $1,200 depending on the internal storage and RAM.

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