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Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your iPhone

If you're looking for nice flagship to fall in love with iPhone owns that though we now have some other manufacturer competing with them like latest two OPPO phones, OPPO Find X and OPPO A5, Infinix and Samsung are still in the competition as they keep releasing astonishing smartphones to the satisfaction of users. 

It would be right to say that “an Apple once keeps the Android away.” One cannot be satisfied with or settle on an android phone again after using Apple phone; whether it’s because of the style, elegance or unique features of iPhone. Nowadays it is hard to find someone without an iPhone; in fact, they have two or more in hand.

However, it is laudable that the people who possess an iPhone also take care of it like their babies as they have invested a lot in it or they really love it. Probably, the iPhone users think that they have substantial knowledge on how to treat their phone, but unfortunately, the things aren't going that way. Although, knowingly or unknowingly, there are few things you are doing wrong with your expensive baby.

It’s better to know what you do wrong to prevent it than to keep doing it unconsciously and paying heftily at the end. So here I go mentioning some things you are doing wrong with your iPhone regardless of the model you own.

iPhone Demands Cleanliness  
An iPhone is one of the most expensive gadgets one can buy these days like iPhone 8 plus, and the latest model is even more costly than some smart TV and second-hand manual car. 

There is not a person in this world that has limited use of his or her phone; our eyes are glued to the screen almost 24/7.  Therefore, no matter how well we treat your phone it gets dirty after a particular time of regular usage. The sand and dust particles can clog your phone ports, effect camera results and lead to minor scratches on screen.

Show your phone some love, unplug all the cables, turn it off, now take a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth to clean it upside down. You can do it in less than a minute without costing anything.   

 iPhone Hates Non-Apple Chargers
You might have no idea that what a non-apple charger can do to your phone. Using unauthentic and standard charges may help you save a few dollars, but they also leave you with nothing but regret.

Using a knock-off charger isn’t only harmful to your phone, but also it risks your life, because like any other electric device chargers and phones can give you an electric shock. So it’s better to spend a little extra, or you could use Coupons to buy a genuine charger and save you and yours phone’s life.

 Your Phone Gets Too Warm

 Like human body cell phones to have an optimum temperature at which they work best. According to the Apple makers, the operating temperature for iPhone is between 320 and 950 Fahrenheit.
Although it is normal for your phone to get warm when you use it or charge it, it is best for the temperature to remain lower than 950 Fahrenheit. So leaving your iPhone in direct sunlight or a heated car is not an option.
Plus, using specific features like GPS tracking or navigation, massive graphics games, or using augmented-reality apps in hot conditions or sunlight exposure is an absolute no.

Never disconnecting
Too much of anything is terrible, which means being continuously connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is detrimental to your iPhone. The full-time connectivity leads to bundles of unwanted push notifications, which exhaust your battery.

So it’s a mistake not to leverage from easy option provided in iPhone which allows you to manage notifications for Apps.

Smartphone needed to be taking take of properly just like any other gadgets, most of the time mis-use and management got us into another extra expenses, so to keep off spending extra expenses you need to handle and take care of it properly irrespective of any brand.

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