Samsung started Pre-order promo for it most hyping Galaxy Note 9 - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Samsung started Pre-order promo for it most hyping Galaxy Note 9

No more wasting time, the long awaiting most hyping flagship for this year is ready on a go to be release. The earlier announcement about it date is still intact, so for as many that intend placing order the time is here.

The leaked has being on every pages talking about different variances, recently leak revealed the upcoming three colours and prices for the variant.

Currently the pre-order floor is open to all customers globally that want to place an order before the ending date, the two variants price is also release to be $935 for 128GB model and $1,210 for 512GB which is going to remain at similar range throught the global market or at very close range depending on the conversion rate.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be available in three colour for now which include Mystic Black, Engineered Blue and Artisan Copper though they are expected to be in five different colours at launch.

The report says Indonesia may also receive 32 inch and 40 inch Samsung Smart TV depending on the model that they pre-order in addition to mobile data. 

Offers maybe different depending on the company decision on what to offers and these maybe different in other markets, however what Europe, United States and Nigeria will be offering is yet to be declared but hoping to have it declared before the pre-order offer ends.

Don't forget the deal date which have been confirmed to be August 9 and nothing is shaking it as the event take place in New York City where it'll be officially announce.

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