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Undo Feature Now Added to Gmail for Android Phone Users

Do you like using Gmail account? Google has brought about new change adding undo feature to it app. Just like when WhatsApp added "Delete for Everyone" feature.
This new feature allow you to undo sent message though this feature have been spotted on web version for long but it's cool having it on app. At least it minimize the rate of sending junks or wrong messages to someone else.

If you're familiar with your app very you would have notice this but most people doesn't take notice of that, this undo send feature work with version 8.7, it pop up immediately you tap on send, you notice "send....." and some seconds after you see "sent"and also UNDO telling you that you can stop the email from delivering to the person's inbox.

This feature is working perfectly and for as many that have not been enjoying this , you need to upgrade to higher version 8.7 and if you're sure you have it and still not having the feature then you can force the app to shutdown and relaunch again. That's it

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