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How to Share Airtime or Calling Credit with Other Glo Users

There's no secret somewhere what you don't know is above you, so let quickly discus simple steps to make airtime transfer from Glo to Glo. This isn't new anyway if you say that but believe me we have some people out there that still don't know how to do that.
Glo network is one of the strong network in Nigeria and it has being in system for long competing with other providers even currently Glo is above many other network provider that they met in system.

Even though they do fuck up, recently they reduce all their data bundle allocation from the current volume that they give before, but in a conversation had with one of their customer service. It was made known that the double offer was for the festive peroid. 

Don't forget we're discussing some steps to transfer airtime or credit from Glo to Glo, nearly all network does that MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile.

Here we go!

How to Transfer Airtime or Credit on Glo Network

Note : Before you can start transferring airtime you'll need to activate your Share PIN.
To change/create your Glo EasyShare 5-digit PIN:
  • Dial *132*00000*New Pin*New Pin# For example if you want your new pin to be 12345 dials *132*00000*12345*12345#
  • To Transfer Credit, dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount*Password#

For example to Transfer N50 to 08055555555 and your pin is 12345 dials *131*08055555555*50*12345#.

You will receive a text message once the transfer is completed.

The default Glo EasyShare password is 00000.

That's all you need to know about transferring or sharing airtime or credit.

Let me quickly share this as a benefit for you guys, some people still don't know how to send call me SMS to other Glo users, they believe its only MTN that does that meanwhile Glo do that as well just a little code get you there.

Why do you need to know?
Not neccessary though but will like to share, in a case you dont have airtime to make call through or someone ask for your number and you don't know, you can quickly request for the person Glo Number then send Call Me SMS to him or her.

To do that dial *125*Number# and you have it deliver. Viola!

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