Lawsuit filed against Samsung for Note 9 phone catching fire in an elevator - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Lawsuit filed against Samsung for Note 9 phone catching fire in an elevator

Samsung flagships still remain one of the top flagships in the global markets even though they have lapses in some of their flagships yet they remain at the top.
After the last incident reported by Samsung Note 7 user as regarding the catching fire of some of it phones which Samsung was later given an attention and solution was provided.

Immediately after the incident Samsung started engaging it fans in free services and returning back of the damage phone. No negative report from any Note 8 users that mean they're enjoy it better meeting their demands.

But it quite unimaginable seeing the same catching fire incident coming up in Samsung Note 9 as reported by one of the it user in New York City.

The incident is explicit narrated by Diane Chung saying that her Galaxy Note 9 suddenly caught fires while riding an elevator. Chung says that the phone started by 'get hotter and hotter to an extreme' while inside her back and all of a sudden 'a whistling and screeching sound' and not too long began to spew thick smoke.

She said she could not remove from her back because its extremely hot even to an extend of getting her finger burnt when she tried to remove it.

Thankfully the elevator stop and she quickly ran close to a bucket of water and dropped the phone inside which was a traumatic event that she has never experience.

Chung has filed a lawsuit against Samsung as regarding the unspecified damages incident and a block on sales of the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung has replied the incident in its sentence; "We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note 9 device and we are investigating the matter," and also pleaded to the user for the bad and traumatic experience.

Samsung has already started working on the report, the device catching fire might have being as a result of manufacturer defect. In due time they'll get back to users on what they plan to do.

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