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Razer Phone 2 will be coming with dual rear camera for the first time

Smartphone world is becoming more competitive as we've spotted a lot of smartphones coming from different manufacturers, even some manufacturers that we couldn't pronounce their name very well lol coming up with something astonish. 
Recently we heard about Meizu, Razer and many more even some smartphones name always sound so funny like the one recently launched by Tecno 'Pouvoir' believe the phone is so crazy coming with something of standard especially the Pouvoir 2.

Here is Razer phone 2 coming with some cool features, mind you this is not the first phone from Razer, we've seen Original Razer Phone in the past so this isn't new just an upgrade. 

Razer Phone 2 is seen to be similar to Original Razer Phone as I said earlier, it has a squared off corners and front-facing speakers as seen in an image shared by Evan Blass.

The light green logo it self looks so scary, with nice camera focus at the back, seems like dual camera with flash at the center below the logo design.

Other features include, Snapdragon 845 of processor and the return of the 128Hz display, also we can see what looks like a USB-C port on the bottom of the phone.

So, we should't look at Razer Phone 2 coming exactly like the original Razer phone even though they have similar features yet expect something different this time as it'll be announce in an upcoming event on 10th of October. But for now no word as regarding the price until it final release date.

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