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See What Health Researcher Says About Addiction to Cellphones

The statistical thesis has established that 89 percent of the world uses smartphones but most people have not been using it correctly which actually result to abuse. There's no controversial issue about the say that smartphone is personal property to be manage and handle correctly but this days its other way round.
At the end of this post you'll learn little tips on how to manage your cellphone properly, the research says that phones or cellphones or handsets are transmitting radio waves through a series of base stations where radio-frequency waves are electromagnetic fields that cannot break chemical bonds or cause ionization in the human body.

Coming to reality if you agree with me, most of us are so attached to our devices that we couldn't do without it, whenever it is far from us we become restless and this is as a result of addiction to it.

I'm not saying categorically that getting to your device is bad though but ultimately taking about the mis-use part of it. 

Take it or leave it if you always feel incomplete or negative attitude or behaviour when you're part from your smartphone then you're addicted to your smartphone lol

Note these;
  • Anxiety, impatience, and stress when unable to get a response or send a reply instantly.
  • Irritability and feelings of being lost when away from their phones for too long.
  • Repeatedly interrupting social or professional situations by checking the phone.
  • Forgetfulness caused by absent-mindedness and a lack of focus due to overt engagement with phones.
  • Postponing sleep to give in to the pressing need of texting or being present on social media for long and late hours.
  • Loss of productivity and inability to engage in fruitful activities.

Other fact established
  • Addiction can cause breaking apart in marriage
  • It can also affect education status, for instance some student uses cellphone in class for another purpose while lecture or teaching is on
  • And many more...

 Are you addicted to your smartphone? check above to have the right answer to give. The WHO and FCC suggest that phone users should keep a distance of 20 centimeters away from their handset to reduce radiation exposure.

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