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Another latest leaked images revealing Nokia 9 phone with five rear camera setup

Nokia has come again in their diversity though we have brought to you before but its like it coming to reality. All what we have seen from other is a single rear stepping up to dual and triple but we have know Nokia for something standard and different from other coming with fiver rear cameras. 
Just before that a lot of rumour and leak we have seen revealing Nokia with five rear camera setup which is arrange in circle but we though its not so until now.

Some customers says that Nokia should have consider good backed up battery rather than coming with fiver rear camera but this hasn't change what they plan doing as we've finally have it coming soon even though it is still leaks.

Looking at the images they're pretty cool and looking nice smartphone and thin and its very sure that they have front camera also.

let see what it comes with in total along side with it penta-lens setup, the video and images has made us know that it will be coming with five cameras as we've brought to you in one of the recent article.
One funniest story is that we couldn't provide what each camera offer for now but its possible we'll see a depth-sensing lens and wide angle sensor in there. 

All what we're having at the back is seven dot spot, as we have said we have five cameras, then we have another one dot spot which is flash and lastly we have other sensor that we couldn't tell you much about for now.

As it has been announced by HMD Global, the Nokia 9 phone has a 5.9-inch QHD display with a single front-facing camera. We also have a USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and bottom but its kind of unfortunate we couldn't see fingerprint rear at the back maybe they're coming with in-display fingerprint sensor, let keep watching and see what they come up with.

So if all the rumours we've been having all along are through then its cool to welcome Nokia 9 with five cameras mind you there's no word on when exactly the phone will be launch not to talk of when exactly it'll enter market but we're anticipating to see soon.

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