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Samsung foldable phone could be shown at the upcoming Developer Conference

It seems Samsung is serious with their foldable phone announced some times back in 2015, ever since it has been announced we've been waiting to see it being debut but up till now we have seen nothing, immediately when Samsung made an announcement we saw Huawei also working on that which none of them has accomplished up till now.
The latest rumour says that the phone will be coming much more faster than it delay, according to what spotted on Facebook and Twitter showing off the teasing image, looking at the image above its just showing Samsung logo folded which doesn't mean they are actually ready to debut that but following the rumour due to how viral it goes then we might have it soon..

Samsung said that the phone could be shown at the Samsung Developer Conference that will be coming up on 7 and 8 of November though there's no certainty about that until when its finally release.

The report says that, Samsung will only show "a detailed conceptual image of the phone, its features and user interface", though, because of the phone's ongoing development. The device is reportedly slated to launch in Q2 2019.

A lot of remours and teases all long but none of them has ever giving us full details of what we're expecting in their foldable phone, so since we cannot have a glimpse of what we're expected then no price set out for now until further notice.

Are you really expecting Samsung foldable phone?

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