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Verizon now offer four Prepaid rate plans with cheaper unlimited

Verizon is one of the strong U.S carrier network provider supporting a large number of smartphones network and not only that they've offer a lot of benefits to it users in the past and up till now.  
If you're Verizon users here is another refreshes plan rates as Verizon Prepaid now offers four rate plans. 

  • The plans are highlighted below as follow;
  • The unlimited high-speed data plan is now $65 per month (down from $75)
  • The 8GB plan is $45 per month (up from 7GB), 
  • The 3GB plan is $35 per month, and the 500MB plan is $30 per month. 
  • Also the pricing for the $65, $45, and $35 plans will now include autopay. Verizon has dropped its old 10GB prepaid plan.

Other notable changes with Verizon Prepaid's plans are that you can now add 10 lines to an account, up from five, and that you can now add tablets and mobile hotspots to your account for the same monthly price as smartphones.
Offering an autopay discount on your monthly plan is a trend with carriers right now, so it's no surprise to see Verizon Prepaid gaining an autopay discount as well. These new plans are now available, so if any of them pique your interest, you can sign up right now.

This is just a latest news to it users, if you've got Verizon then check above for any of the plan you like to opt-in and keep enjoying best network ever.

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