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Google have it Allo messaging app shut down soon

You've got some love for Google Allo message app? Google has it shutting down soon said in a rumour though there isn't a solid evidence proving though but following all along the rumour then we have it to be true.
This have been confirmed to be true but Google has promise to extend it service to next march 2019 which was made known in blog post, starting from next year March nothing will be like Allo again folks will only enjoy other messaging apps in place of Allo. 

Don't forget Google has some other apps which include Hangout and Duo video calling app which is available to Android and iOS.

Meanwhile Hangout have been reported earlier to be shutting down soon which was also confirmed but Google has decided to leave it for the business users for now.

So don't be surprise seeing this going down the steep side as we have a lot of apps from google to replace this. One of it Duo video calling app which offer a end to end video call with users.

However this decision doesn't change what Google has said but in the mean time users can still keep using until it final shut down date.

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