LG company has it new G series (G8 ThinQ) launching soon in Korea - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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LG company has it new G series (G8 ThinQ) launching soon in Korea

Talking about smartphone LG company cannot be over emphasize with their numerous rugged high-end smartphone. We've seen them with a lot of standard trending phones and still focusing on more in the coming year.
LG G series have been in market, if you don't know G7 ThinQ is one of the G series with very attractive features if you've been longing to have a better serving phone but the story is different stepping up to G8 ThinQ which was rumoured to be coming with waterdrop notch spotted to be quite smaller than the regular notch on the G7 ThinQ.

Not only that its also reported to be featuring 3D camera along with 5G connectivity.

The company has said to be planning a separate 5G device for release after the G8, and the 5G phone is expected to be a separate brand rather than a special version of the LG G8.

LG has a lot of plan toward 2019 coming with different kinds of new device as we've seen them talking about LG Q9. Definitely LG fans will surely have the best of it next year.

LG G8 ThinQ will be coming toward end of March and will be launch in Korea and from their entering other world markets.

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