Samsung Galaxy 10 phone said to be coming late in February with best features and function - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Samsung Galaxy 10 phone said to be coming late in February with best features and function

Are you among those waiting? Finally with no further delay Samsung Galaxy 10 will be announce on February 20. 
Its such a good new to hear, Samsung G10 have been on a trend since last year but we've been wondering when exactly we'd going to have it, finally why would folks not happy when they've never being disappointed with what they do have in Samsung devices.

We could all remember Samsung Galaxy 9, how packed it is with features along side with some juicy promo price, hoping they do the same with S10.

If we are to beleive the date then we should have it announced at an event on February 20. The teaser posted on Twitter has got us little view of what we may have, it shows the number '10' bouncing between two screens, hinting that the new phone could have slimmer bezels than its predecessors. "Welcome to the next generation," as twitted.

Mind you we still expecting Samsung foldable phone as promised to be launch soon maybe it might announce along side with S10. A notable report also says that the three version of Samsung Galaxy 10 will be launch as well in March. And letting folks know that the fourth model of S10 will arrive later in the spring supporting 5G network.

Could it be true? Is Samsung Galaxy 10 the foldable phone we've been waiting for? We don't have to get it twisted, here is Samsung Galaxy 10 which is quite different from expected foldable phone. 

The device also reported to be  available in a more affordable "Lite" version as well as the regular and Plus models. One of the biggest changes expected for the new models is a hole-punch display. Samsung is also expected to include an in-display fingerprint sensor on the standard and Plus Galaxy S10 models, but the more affordable "Lite" model may miss out on this feature.

A lot of companies has focus more on this year coming with competitive smartphones so not being surprise seeing Samsung coming early with this and many other company coming after.

Finally, Once more Samsung Galaxy 10 will be announce in February along with foldable phone but the foldable phone is likely to be launch in April, let keep hoping as we bring more to you.

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