The two U.S carrier 'AT&T and T-Mobile' keep expanding their 5G service to more cities - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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The two U.S carrier 'AT&T and T-Mobile' keep expanding their 5G service to more cities

Gradually 5G service keep expanding as we have it being launched already in 15 cities by AT&T. Hope we all remember that T-Mobile launch their own service in 30 cities last year also.
However, T-Mo told LightReading that it's not currently letting any consumers onto the 5G network quite yet since it doesn't have any 5G smartphones that can use it. 

T-Mobile has previously listed some of the cities they're targeting but seems not all have gotten that, the part of city listed are; New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas which we have seen them enjoying the service already.

It seems the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10 has been favoured to be among phone that will first enjoy 5G service and some other high-end smartphone, stumbling back on Galaxy S10 which will launch with a 6.7-inch screen along with in-display fingerprint reader, 10GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, and a 5000mAh battery. 

Do you actually notice something here? Samsung has improved on their battery capacity which it has never happen before, all we have been seeing is battery below 5000mAh so happy to see Samsung improving. It's not confirmed that that's the device coming to T-Mobile, but it is a possibility. 

The T-Mobile's 5G network will be using 600MHz and millimeter wave(mmWave) spectrum for its 5G coverage which will go nationwide by 2020.

All 5G smartphones will be able to enjoy this coverage, so if you have enabled smartphone get ready as its going to be make available.

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