Galaxy S10+ rumoured to be launched on 20th of February, 2019 - TECH NEWS AND TRICKS


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Galaxy S10+ rumoured to be launched on 20th of February, 2019

If you have been looking for large storage phone then Galaxy S10+ worth it. A lot of rumour have been seen all along which actually brought about confusion even though we cannot call it confusion because by one way or the other they still have same features they emphasize on.

Recently, if you can remember vividly talking about S10 and S10+ having the same look and as at then we told you that you'll know differentiate with their front camera but today we've spotted S10+ with different specs which is said to offer 6GB RAM and 1TB internal storage.

GAlaxy S10+ offer a 1.95GHz octa-core processor, its said to be running Android 9. It achieves a single-core score of 4450 and multi-core score of 9753.

The rumour also revealed that this variant shown will be running Exynos 9820 SoC and Mali-G76 GPU and featuring 1,080 x 2,280 pixel resolution. It has achieved a score of 326185, which is again lower than what iPhone XS Max scored (363525). Considering the sheer amount of memory and processing powers leveraged by the Exynos 9820 chipset, such scores don’t augur well for the Samsung flagship ahead of its launch.

All the features revealed here are cool most especially the 1TB internal storage coming with it, at least this serve better and phone memory won't be getting full quickly. Not only that it is backed by good RAM of 6GB/12GB depending on variant.

However, this price hasn't break someone's back so if you plan buying be prepare and get money down as it'll be release Feb 20, 2019.This has been priced at $1,700 or slightly over.

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