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Hacker is a threat to you blog, learn how to protect it

Your blog is like a property that needed to be protected though you might not see it as something serious but i'm telling you today that you need to start keeping eye on every activities that happen on blog.
For instance coming to real sense, any house that is not secure will be expose to attack and no magic at that. So in a nutshell you need to keep security and privacy serious if you don't want to loose your blog or content to hacker.

Hope you're aware that day by day hacker stumble on blogs to be hijack especially if you blog is ranking and flourishing well you need maximum security because once you loose it then its gone.

Let quickly discus some ways to protect your blog then you're safe, have once had my reader commenting about loosing his content to hacker maybe due to one mistake or the other which I won't be happy happening to you and if you've fall victim then you need to be careful next time.

We have many ways to tackle this just flow along and grab the one you can. 

Choose a good login detail
This might look useless in the real sense but very important which I will also want you to take very serious because if you choose a weak username and password its easy to guess by hacker. 

That's the more reason why WordPress always choose strong password for you during installation, though the password always look too complex to master but you can form your own character mixing (special character, number, capital letter) to form a long password. 

Even if your username is simple don't try it with password, however, you can still choose a better username as well.

Note: Always choose a long character of at least 10, and this will lead us to second point.

Keep your smartphone secure
I know some people might want to ask what this has to do with blog, huh it has a lot to do most especially if you have your blog login from your phone which is very possible. We have some culprit that steal device. Whether it is being stolen or lost make sure you get to your PC on time to change your password to be on a safe side.

Always secure your phone with a strong password or pattern preferably using fingerprint or any other means of authentication. Google has been shouting all along about privacy and security so it'll be good to yield protecting your device talk less of having access to your blog.

Sensitive to emails
If you have not fall victim of this before it might sound impossible to you but its quite real, many hacker send email in mass to users and once you open the email it install some malware into your PC or browser which is going to be giving them feedback of your log in detail. So when you have any email sent to you just be careful and always allow your PC too screen through before opening.

Use Malware counter
Using malware counter is most important not to your blog alone even to your PC itself. Your malware counter help you monitor all activities and screen them thoroughly. What is the malware counter am talking about? We all familiar with Anti-Virus which helps us in protecting out device, that's exactly what am saying. Have an Anti-Virus installed on your PC and make sure its active, their is not how you'll have Anti-Virus on your device working and won't screen any file or page you visit. So be sensitive by going for active Anti-Virus suggestively go for paid ones at very affordable price.

Use WordPress Tools
WordPress have been so considerate leaving out some plugins that will help you cater for security. It has a very strict measure on users so it'll be good considering a good and standard platform.

Let quickly look into some of this WordPress tool and plugins
  • Brute Force Login Protection is probably your best bet if you are being targeted with a botnet attack or, as the name suggests, a brute force attack. Since most of these types of attacks are automated, you need a good level of protection that will work automatically for you, and this plugin will block the IP address of a hacker who tries to log in too many times. You can even get an email when this happens so that you are aware of the frequency of attacks on your site.
  • WordFence is likely the most popular and well-known of all the plugins for WordPress right now. The plugin scans the coding of your website, then optimizes your security and allegedly makes it up to fifty times faster. It has some of the best blocking features (you can block entire networks), will scan for both common and not-so-common holes and leaks, and has a firewall. There is a premium option that is great, but the free option is more than enough to protect your blog from most threats.
  • Acunetix WP Security Scan is one of the first plugins you should download for your blog. Once activated, it will scan your blog and design for any potential security holes and then recommend fixes for you. It is continually improving and is a great introduction to WordPress security.
  • Sucuri Security is a plugin from a company that specializes in auditing and internet security. It will incorporate many different blacklist engines onto your blog to protect it, and it has a ton of monitoring features available so you can know every last thing about the security and activity on your site. It is a fantastic all-around security application.

Check on Your Hosting
Honestly this is very important to platforms so you have to be careful choosing your hosting account platform. And also try to use latest or recent version if possible that you're using multiple versions because using old platform might not be secure as it ought so always check on upgrade any moment you have it.

Avoid using public network
This might be good anyway but can be risky as well if you didn't take a necessary measure, what you don't know is that hackers use this platform to capture users details on public network, they easily have access to what the user upload and download so if you're thinking of how to be safe then use VPN to keep yourself private on the network even though you're using public network it'll still keep you secure and private. You can learn about Virtual Private Network known as VPN.

No other Admin
This point might not be useful to everyone but to those concerns always be careful of assigning duty, what do I mean?, if you have someone writing for you then you mustn't give the writer a full access control to your blog rather make him/her a contributor than making him/her an Administrator.  

As I said earlier it's very good to blog but very paramount that you keep your blog safe because once you loose your long time blog then you're starting over or get you demoralized. So while taking your coffee at a corner think about better way to protect your blog of hacker attack. 


  1. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I'm kinda paranoid about losing everything I've
    worked hard on. Any tips?

  2. Yes, there many tool and plugins to keep you safe. We listed some useful and better ones here, kindly go through it. We'll get it updated anytime soon


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